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I-doser exposed: The truth about I-doser and digital drugs. idoser digital drugs

Digital drugs like those sold on I-doser.com have grown into a global phenomenon. The idea of getting “high” just by listening to a specifically designed mp3 is appealing to many. It is legal and the cost is relatively low compared to buying actual drugs, but is it safe? What is really happening when you “consume” digital drugs?orange arrow


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What are digital drugs?

Digital drugs are a mp3 of ambient music or sounds that are enhanced with a specifically targeted binaural beat or isochronic tone frequency. This frequency is meant to replicate the cycles of particular brainwaves. When played in the listeners ear through headphones for long enough time, the listeners brainwaves will sync up with the recording through a process called frequency following response (FFR).

What is the purpose of changing your brainwaves?

By changing the pattern of your brainwaves, you are effectively changing the way your brain works. This can have several different effects. Certain frequencies can trigger the brain to send signals to the body to create more natural body chemicals like serotonin, endorphins, and HGH. This is what creates the side effects usually associated with certain recreational drugs.

This can infact make you feel “high” or at least really good…. So, naturally comes the next question.


Are digital drugs safe to use?


The short answer is, YES! The long answer is, only if you are using them in the right way. Because you are changing your brainwaves, you are altering the state of your consciousness, so there are some things to consider.

Don’t use digital drugs/binaural beats when you are operating heavy machinery of any kind cars, power tools, or even heavy objects. You are usually getting your brain in a lower frequency or altered state. Don’t put yourself at risk like this!

Think about it this way… Your brain is in an altered, or lowered, brainwave frequency when you are daydreaming, or sleeping. In the lowered frequency state, you are not in the right mental alert frame of mind to be doing things like driving, or operating a chainsaw… Common sense. Altering your brainwaves to these lowered stated is a natural thing however, and your brain does similar things to this though out the day naturally every day already.

With that in mind, here is a list of the people that should definitely steer clear of I-doer, digital drugs or any form of binaural beats:

  • People with epilepsy or are prone to seizures- the regular pulsating rhythms can trigger a seizure.
  • People with hearing problems or a pacemaker- entrainment may cause idoser-babyirregularities in heart rate
  • Children under18 or pregnant women- babies are at a higher risk of seizures and pregnant women, it’s generally recommended that you wait to do anything fun until after you give birth…. sorry : )


Now if you are willing to use I-doser responsibly, there is a lot of fun to be had with digital drugs.

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So… Now for the even better question.


Does I-doser work?

There has been a lot of research on the effects of binaural beats and they have been used for many different reasons over the past 100 years. Most people will feel the effects of brainwave synchronization after listening to an I-doser session. Brainwave synchronization is when the majority of your brainwaves are synchronized to one signal altered brainwave frequency. This has many great effects besides just a “high” feeling. Read more about that here.

The best way to know if this works is to ask the people who have tried it. Here is the census from The Official Idoser “Does it work?” Poll:

  • 15% say “It BLOWS my mind!”
  • 20% say “I have felt the effects almost every single time”
  • 29% say “Some doses work, some don’t”
  • 10% say “only a few doses work for me”
  • 9% say “I have felt the effects with only one dose”
  • 17% say “It’s a complete placebo, I have never felt anything”

That means 83% of the people that have tried Idoser have felt the effect with at least one mp3! And when you can download 3 of them for free (alcohol, content, and sleeping angel), what is the harm in giving them a try?


Here are some other things that people are saying about idoser:

“I woke up after the 30 min, and felt like I could not stop moving, and I was moving very quickly. This lasted about 30-45 min.”
-Troy (Energizer Dose)

“I had a short but very lucid dream!! The more you listen to them, the more the effect is and the faster it works if you ask me.”
-Dustin (Lucid Dream Dose)

“This is an amazing aphrodisiac as it puts you in a sexual mood. Worked excellent for me and I would recommend this to anyone.”
Mason (Viagro Dose)

“This feels just like Adderall. I’ve had it before. My eyes are more open than normal.”
-Alex (Adderoll Dose)

There are still a lot of skeptics out there, and digital drugs/binualral beats don’t work for some people. Most of the time this is because they are not quite using them right. Here are some reasons why Idoser may not work for you…


Most common reasons idoser does not work for some people


1. Being a cheapskate

If you use a torrent, try to stream it from youtube or any other source online, one of two things will probably happen. You will be listening to a poorly made imitation, fake, or poorly translated file that has been compressed to very poor quality which will not render the same effects, or simply be downloading a virus. The best bet is to just download the free doses and give them a try or spend the extra few bucks and get the real doses that you want.

Order only from the official Idoser website I-doser.com

If you really don’t want to spend the money on it, try the free doses, or you can find some cheap doses in the deals of the month when you scroll down on this page.

2. Poor quality headphones

Make sure you are listening with headphones and that you are using appropriate headphones. The ones that came with your iPhone probably won’t cut it here. Generally speaking, they need to be over the ear, noise canceling headphones.

3. Use in a quiet, safe place where you will not be interrupted

It takes a while for your brainwaves to effectively sync up with the mp3, so it is important that you sit or lay still while trying to keep your mind calm. You need to listen to the entire recording to feel the full effects of each dose, and you must be patient. If it doesn’t work the first time, try it again. Practice makes perfect. : )

Use the condition recording before every dose, and if you plan on dosing two times in a row, use the reset dose to clear your mind. These are the helper doses to help you get in the right mindset and ready for the actual dose. (like a primer) Eventually you should not need these.

Igyou have any question as to whether or not you are using Idoser correctly, they have a user guide that you can download here.

Final Verdict on Idoser


If you are looking for a safe way to replicate the effects of recreational drugs, Idoser is the way to go. With 3 free doses just for downloading their software program, it is worth a shot to anyone interested. And if you download the premium software for only 49.99, you get 3 more bonus doses and the ability to download them as mp3’s. This makes them less than $10 a dose which is less than the average binaural beat at any other online store, especially for the quality of the doses that you get.

Idoser Pros:

  • The first 3 doses are free
  • It works for 83% of people
  • There are a diverse range of doses for all kinds of effects (some not drug related)
  • It is safer than using real drugs and can usually render the same effects
  • Relatively cheap
  • They have both sort mobile doses and longer sessions

Idoser cons:

  • When you download the free software, you are prompted to download a toolbar for your browser which is annoying and not necessary (don’t download, this is an option, not a necessity for the program to run)
  • You have to listen to the free doses on the provided software program on your computer (not exactly mobile)
  • The free version does not allow you to download doses as mp3’s
  • May not feel effects for every dose

What are you waiting for, you have nothing to lose and a lot of fun to gain from giving I-doser a try.

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